Earn more

Gain insights into your weekly and monthly earnings with a real-time dashboard of your bookings.

Veezu provides you with data to inform you of the best times of the day and night in your area, to help you manage your time and identify opportunities to maximise your earning potential.

Flexible driving hours

Choose your own schedule and drive when it suits you.

Whether you’re balancing other commitments (e.g. family, career, another business) or focused solely on being a Driver Partner, Veezu gives you the flexibility to choose when you drive and how many bookings you do.

Dedicated support

Communicate with our Driver Support teams using our Driver Partner Portal for help where and when you need it.

Alternatively, arrange a face-to-face meeting with a member of our Driver Support team.

Technology that delivers

Our technology puts you and your passengers first, getting every journey off to an amazing start.

As a Driver Partner, you’ll benefit from the technology that powers Veezu.

The Veezu Driver Partner Portal brings your private hire vehicle business into the digital age to help accelerate your earnings and deliver the latest information direct to your fingertips.

Green lights ahead

Get the green light for operating in clean air zones with Veezu Hire.

Rent a vehicle that makes journeys more comfortable, efficient and environmentally friendly.

We’ve already invested over £1.5 million in lower mission vehicles, complying with clean air zones while doing our bit for the planet.

Enquire by email: veezuhire@veezu.co.uk

Getting you back on the road

As a Driver Partner you can also sign up to Veezu Assist, our dedicated breakdown service.

A specialist claim management service assisting Private Hire drivers with accident claims. One call to us and we do everthing for you.

Enquire by email: info@veezuassist.co.uk

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